Check Out Some of Our Recent Projects
  • Unix shell script to take a page URL from the BBC website and automatically download the referenced media

  • Facebook Data Viewer and Archive Manager (Warning: This application can be addicting!)

  • Real time conversion of English language text into animated Flash movies. The Animated Cricket Dictionary.

  • Convert Powerbuilder 10 PBL files to Python Code!

Hire a Designer or Programmer, or simply rent one!

Cheap, efficient, cutting edge web development, local to the US.

Puphead Software is a leading web development company, established in 1995. We pioneered Java, Flash, PHP, Python, and the science of GUI development.

Hiring a Developer on a Monthly,Weekly or Hourly Basis is the Easy and Quick Way to Get Your Project Done.

We've gone "open source", and are passing the savings on to you!

Static Web Design Services and Implementation, mySQL, PHP and Python Programming, Facebook Integration, Flash Movies, Image Processing, Media Capture/Editing/Broadcast and more

Pupheadsoftware puts a great deal of effort into creating your company a website that differentiates your site from your competitors.  We build each site using the best tools for the job.  Not the tools that developers find fun and want to see on their resumes. Our development principle is easy. Define the needed functionality, and provide it in a way that lets the end-user think about the task, not about using the software.

Our developers have worked with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and everything in-between. Whatever your needs, we have addressed them before, probably more than once. We've made it past the bleeding edge of the technology to its core usefulness, so that you don't have to.

Why hire a Puphead programmer?

  • 15 years of experiance, designing web based functionality
  • Pioneers in GUI design since Windows 1.0
  • Dedicated to putting the emphasis on providing end-user value, task driven, not technology driven software
  • Experts in converting any legacy system into any arbitrary system (we can even convert PowerBuilder code to Python and English text to Flash movies!)

Unlike other small PHP development companies or freelancers, we are accountable for the result and all of our business is conducted in the United States. We never outsource development work!